Kruger National Park Game Lodge Specials

With the global pandemic restricting world wide travel a number of Kruger National Park Game Lodges have announced and continue to run some amazing South African resident deals.

These deals offer a once in a lifetime opportunity for South Africans to visit some of Africa’s best luxury game lodges and get up close and personal with our own amazing wildlife.

We have collected some of the best luxury game lodge specials we could find. Browse through them and then contact one of our travel experts which will help you plan an amazing experience.

Most of the specials have now been extended through the 30 June 2021.

Kruger National Park Game Lodge Specials

Pay 3 Stay 4 Kruger Park Game Lodge Specials

We think the best game lodge specials available at the moment are the mid-week pay 3 stay 4 nights specials. This works out to an extra 25% off on already ridiculous safari specials.

Below are out favourite ones:

Tuningi Pay 3 Stay 4 Special FI 1

Greater Kruger National Park Game Lodge Specials

Most of South Africa’s luxury game lodges lie in a region known as the Greater Kruger National Park. The Greater Kruger National Park was created to increase the area which wild animals were able to live and roam freely within the protected area. A collection of private landowners together with the nationally governed Kruger National Park worked to drop fences along the western border. This created a larger area that more closely resembles the animals natural environment.

Although animals can move freely throughout the park limited amounts of people are able to access the private areas.

A number of factors work together to create an amazing safari experience within the Greater Kruger Park area.

  1. With reduced people a less crowded, more natural safari is created
  2. Most private game lodges allow for off-road 4X4 game viewing which means you will get closer to the animals.
  3. Amazing photographs – Because private game lodges do not need to stay on the road you can capture fantastic memories of your safari.
  4. Expert guides – private game lodges train and use expert safari guides that are full of knowledge about the fauna and flora of the area as well as knowledge to keep you safe while getting up close with the animals.
  5. World-renowned trackers – private game lodges also utilise guide and tracker teams that work together to track and find the animals. Together they have years of experience in animal behaviour which creates amazing sightings.

To learn more about the difference between a private game reserve and a national park click here.

Greater Kruger National Park Game Lodge Specials

One of the most famous areas within the Greater Kruger National Park is the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve. The Sabi Sands is where the luxury African photographic safari was created and it is still one of the most phenomenal places to encounter wild animals in the world.

Sabi Sands Game Lodge Specials

Below you can find a number of our best Sabi Sands game lodge specials. Browse through them and when you are ready talk to one of our expert travel consultants to help you plan your safari.

Dulini Specials - Secret Africa
Londolozi Specials
SecretAfrica - Banner - Savanna Private Game Reserve

Another amazing area within the Greater Kruger National Park is the Timbavati Private Game Reserve. The Tambavati easily matches the Sabi Sands for its incredible game viewing and there is a greater number and range of game lodges within the park. This means there are various levels of luxury safari within its unfenced borders which can help to find the safari experience that suits your budget.

Timbavati Game Lodge Specials

Below you can find a number of our favourite Timbavati game lodge specials. Look through them and then contact one of our expert travel consultants to help you book your safari.

Tanda Tula Deal FI
Kambaku Game Reserve - Secret Africa

One of the hidden treasures of the Greater Kruger National Park is the Thornybush Private Game Reserve. The fences dropped between Thornybush and The Kruger National Park in 2017 allowing game to flow freely through the area.

Thornybush has some of the best Game Lodge specials we have found, like their mid-week Pay 3 Stay 4 specials.

Thornybush Game Lodge Specials