Safari with Children

If your heart craves a family vacation that stirs the soul and sparks curiosity, then picture this: a thrilling safari in Africa, where the wonder-filled eyes of your children light up with awe and amazement. It’s an adventure like no other, an odyssey that nurtures their sense of wonder and curiosity.

But amidst the vast array of extraordinary destinations that Africa boasts, where does one begin this enthralling journey with their little ones in tow? Fret not, for we’ve curated a collection of family-friendly havens, each a magical blend of enthralling wildlife, tailored activities for the young explorers, and unwavering safety measures catering to families of all sizes. Here are out tips for planning a safari with children.

Choosing Family-Friendly Safari Destinations

Embarking on a family safari in Africa entails thoughtful selection, ensuring an experience that is not only safe but also brimming with joy and knowledge.

Seek lodges or camps that warmly cater to families, with spacious family-sized rooms or interconnected tents for a snug sojourn. Child-friendly activities, a non-negotiable, are the secret to keeping your young adventurers captivated and enthralled throughout the safari. And when it comes to wildlife, diversity reigns supreme – seek out destinations teeming with a kaleidoscope of species, including the illustrious Big Five, to create truly exhilarating encounters with nature’s finest.

Safari with children

Photo Credits: Thornybush Game Lodge

Let your wanderlust also serve a purpose; engage with local cultures and lend support to community projects, a voyage of enrichment for the young hearts. Look for lodges that weave the tapestry of local communities into their fabric, for an authentic and transformative experience. And as you traverse the savannah, let the spirit of conservation blossom within your children – opt for destinations that infuse wildlife conservation into their narratives, kindling a sense of responsibility for our precious natural habitats. Learning becomes play, and play turns into enlightenment.

And during those serene moments between game drives, indulge in child-friendly facilities, whether it’s frolicking by the poolside, exploring play areas, or availing the services of dedicated babysitters. After all, it’s in these cherished interludes that memories are made, and bonds are strengthened.

Photo Credits: Angama Mara

These carefully selected lodges and destinations not only offer thrilling wildlife encounters but also provide exciting activities and educational opportunities tailored specifically for kids:

Angama Mara, Kenya: Located in Kenya, Angama Mara offers exciting activities and connections to local communities, providing educational and entertaining experiences for kids.

Ol Pejeta Bush Camp, Kenya: Situated in Kenya’s Laikipia region, this camp offers engaging activities and wildlife encounters suitable for children.

Saruni Samburu, Kenya: This lodge in Samburu National Reserve presents luxury safaris with diverse wildlife encounters, catering to families with children.

Kwandwe Ecca Lodge, South Africa: Located in South Africa, this lodge offers conservation activities tailored for kids, providing opportunities to learn about wildlife and nature.

Madikwe Safari Lodge, South Africa: This lodge offers engaging activities for families, allowing children to connect with the natural surroundings.

Thornybush Game Lodge, South Africa: This lodge in South Africa offers child-friendly activities and diverse experiences to make the safari enjoyable for kids.

Marataba Safari Lodge, South Africa: Located in Marakele National Park, this lodge offers a family-friendly safari experience with diverse wildlife and landscapes.

Footsteps Across the Delta, Botswana: This lodge in Botswana focuses on child-friendly safaris, providing unique experiences for kids in the wilderness.

Bumi Hills Safari Lodge, Zimbabwe: Situated in Zimbabwe, this lodge offers the Ngwana Club, providing fun activities for children while on safari.

Singita Serengeti House, Tanzania: Located in the Serengeti National Park, this house offers a front-row view of the Great Wildebeest Migration and provides educational experiences for kids.

Gib’s Farm, Tanzania: Situated in the Ngorongoro Crater area, Gib’s Farm offers family-friendly activities and safaris, connecting children with wildlife and nature.

LUX Le Morne, Mauritius: While not a traditional safari destination, Mauritius provides family-friendly activities and entertainment for kids, making it a great option for a beach and safari combination vacation.

Safety Precautions

In the untamed wilderness of Africa, safety is paramount, especially when embarking on a safari with children. To savor an experience that’s both secure and exhilarating, heed these vital safety precautions. Listen keenly to the safari guide’s instructions, and when on those enthralling game drives, remain snugly inside the vehicle – no tempting fate by getting too close to the wildlife or attempting to play zookeeper. A lesson worth passing on to the young ones: observe and respect wildlife from afar, and hush in designated quiet zones, blending with the rhythm of the untamed.

Shield your precious ones from the fierce African sun; let them revel in adventure but with proper sun protection and hydration. Outfit them in neutral hues, for in the wild, blending with nature is an art. Caution becomes second nature in camp areas; securing food is no mere triviality – lest you invite curious visitors from the animal kingdom. Before embarking on your expedition, ensure vaccinations and health precautions are in order, and acquaint yourself with the camp or lodge’s emergency procedures – a touch of preparedness goes a long way.

With keen vigilance and adherence to these guidelines, a remarkable and secure safari experience awaits you and your little adventurers. But it doesn’t end there; it’s the perfect stage to impart precious lessons. Teach the young hearts the reverence for wildlife and their habitats, for fostering a passion for conservation and responsible travel is a legacy to behold.

Photo Credits: Kwandwe Eca Lodge

Packing for a safari with children

Embarking on an epic African safari with the young ones demands mindful packing – comfort, safety, and readiness are your compass. Be shrewd with your choices: lightweight, breathable clothing for the blazing sun, layered warmth for the chilly dawns and dusks. Don’t forget the high SPF sunscreen, broad-brimmed hats, and UV-deflecting shades. Repel the mosquitoes with insect repellent and have a trusty first-aid kit, equipped with elixirs for motion malaise.

Let your fledgling explorers catch the wildlife’s gaze with child-friendly binoculars and cameras, while their minds stay occupied with books, wildlife guides, and the artistry of drawing. Sustain their spirits with wholesome snacks, keep thirst at bay with reusable water flasks, and shield belongings from dusty whims with bin liners or ziplock marvels. Each family member should possess a nimble daypack, and comfort and functionality shall reign supreme when selecting personal items. Remember, many a safari lodge offer laundry respite, so shun overpacking and savor the essentials, for an extraordinary adventure awaits!

Photo Credits: Thornybush Game Lodge

Patience and Flexibility When Travelling with kids

In this safari odyssey with young adventurers, patience and flexibility unfurl their hidden magic. In the wilderness, surprises lurk, and embracing these virtues elevates the journey to new heights, crafting timeless memories. Wildlife, elusive and grand, may require patience; so engage the little minds with playful discussions or enthralling games to bask in the beauty of the wait.

Flexibility, allows you to seize wildlife moments like a seasoned pro. Children might find lengthy drives a tad daunting, so bend with grace, encouraging their wildlife-spotting endeavors and gifting occasional breaks. Turn this safari into a wondrous classroom; feed the young minds with knowledge, embracing curiosity and nurturing a reverence for wildlife conservation. Exhibit to the young hearts the art of embracing the unknown with grace and resilience.

Africa’s allure is woven with marvels and mysteries, and a family safari unveils the art of cherishing nature’s symphony. To embark on this epic expedition, arm yourself with patience and flexibility. As the safari spell weaves its magic, cherish the moments, savor the thrills, and impart the legacy of wonder to your young pioneers. Let the enigmatic secrets of Africa’s heart awaken the spirits of discovery and wonder in your family’s tale of adventures!