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Londolozi Game Reserve is one of the original pioneering private game reserves of South Africa’s ecotourism. It can be found in the middle of the world famous Sabi Sand Game Reserve. For almost 90 years, the reserve has provided outstanding safari experiences because to its rich wildlife legacy. Londolozi is a renowned among wildlife enthusiasts due to its extraordinary wildlife sightings, particularly of the elusive leopard. The reserve is also known for its innovative land and animal management principles, as well as its strong community involvement. Londolozi combines magnificence and conservation in five luxury lodges, each offering a distinct experience. The reserve’s emphasis on the personal safari experiences, as well as its commitment to the “Ubuntu” principle – a belief in a universal bond of sharing that binds all of humanity – elevates it beyond a wildlife sanctuary to a destination that inspires and changes the lives of its visitors.

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Londolozi does not run any specials, as it is such a sought after destination and prides itself on the experience it provides to it’s guests and the value and worth of that experience. They do not want to tarnish that experience by running specials. For a brief period during the pandemic Londolozi offered some limited local-only rates but those were only available for a very short period until their regular guests were able to visit again and reschedule their trips. Now that the world of travel has returned to normal, Londolozi is only available at their full rates, which depend on which camp you wish to visit. Even though there are no “Londolozi specials” our expert travel consultants can organise you a safari trip of a lifetime, whether that includes Londolozi or not.

We highly recommend including Londolozi in your travel plans as it is indeed a special experience, but for some travellers it is simply out of their budget. In these cases our travel experts work with our guest to make sure they have a remarkable experience but one that better fits their budget and travel needs.

Londolozi Specials Leopards
Londolozi Specials Lions Walk