Top 6 Reasons to visit Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Top 6 Reasons to visit Sabi Sand Game Reserve

A jewel within the Greater Kruger National Park! The spectacular Sabi Sand Game Reserve is one of the most sensational must-visit safari destinations and premier private game reserves in both South Africa and all of Africa. It is also one of the oldest and most beloved wildernesses in the country.

Boasting an incredibly diverse wildlife and birdlife population (which is known to draw avid birders & eager wildlife enthusiasts from across the world), spectacular landscapes, wild & wonderful wilderness surroundings, several luxury private lodges, and an endless array of exhilarating safari adventures, the glorious Sabi Sands Game Reserve is guaranteed to exceed all your expectations – allowing for a truly unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime African safari experience. There is no denying that the Sabi Sands Game Reserve should be on every avid traveler, game-loving tourist, adventure seeker, and head-over-heels wildlife lover’s safari bucket-list.

Here are the top 6 reasons to visit the Sabi Sand Game Reserve.

#1 Wildlife roam freely been the Sabi Sands & Kruger National Park

Top 6 Reasons to visit Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Considered the birthplace of sustainable wildlife tourism in Southern Africa, the notorious Sabi Sand Game Reserve boasts 65,000 hectares of vast untamed wilderness and shares a 50km/30mi unfenced border with the world-renowned Kruger National Park (South Africa’s flagship National Park).

As there are no restricting fences between the Sabi Sands and the Kruger it allows wildlife to migrate and roam freely in a vast conservation area that covers almost five million hectares (over two million acres), ensuring an unforgettable and unmatched African safari and wildlife experience.

With no boundary fences between the Sabi Sands and the Kruger National Park, the Sabi Sand benefits tremendously from the great diversity of animals found in one of the richest wildlife areas on the African continent. This all but guarantees sensational wildlife sightings and thrilling game-viewing encounters.

#2 Sabi Sand Game Reserve: Extraordinary Leopard-Rich Lands

Top 6 Reasons to visit Sabi Sand Game Reserve

The glorious Sabi Sands Game Reserve is deemed the most extraordinary ‘Leopard-Rich Lands’ in Africa. One could say its claim to Big 5 fame, drawing wildlife enthusiasts from all around the globe, is the fact that the iconic Sabi Sands Game Reserve not only boasts the most magnificent leopard sightings and encounters in the country, but is home to the highest concentration of leopards in both South Africa and Africa as a whole.

Top 6 Reasons to visit Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Famously known as the most elusive member of the African Big 5, lucky for you, in this revered Greater Kruger National Park reserve, you’ll find that they are not all that elusive at all – in fact, they are seemingly everywhere and are often seen in plain view and have even been known to hunt in the presence of safari vehicles – even jumping right on top of these vehicles from time to time. It truly has to be seen to be believed!

#3 Breathtaking Big 5 Sightings & Encounters

Top 6 Reasons to visit Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Boasting one of the richest game populations in the country, Sabi Sand Game Reserve is home to some of the most diverse and unique wildlife species in Africa. The remarkable Sabi Sands is regarded as one of the top reserves to witness up-close sightings of the renowned African Big 5 in their natural habitat – in fact, this pristine South African reserve is deemed to be one of the best, if not THE best, game reserve in both Africa and the world to see every member of the iconic African Big 5 (lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo, and elephant) in one single day.

Top 6 Reasons to visit Sabi Sand Game Reserve

This undoubtedly makes the Sabi Sand Game Reserve one of Africa’s top must-visit game reserves and Big 5 safari destinations to visit among both local and global Big 5 enthusiasts alike.

#4 The Sabi Sand Game Reserve is home to a vast diversity of wildlife species & endangered animals

Top 6 Reasons to visit Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Besides its world-renowned leopard sightings as well as enjoying glorious up-close encounters of the iconic African Big 5, visitors can look forward to seeing a vast diversity of other game when exploring the varied landscapes of the Sabi Sands. Other popular wildlife species that freely roam the Sabi Sands’ terrain include, giraffe, hippos, zebras, wildebeest, cheetah, aardvark, African wild cats, hyenas, jackals, Cape porcupines, pangolins, and a wide array of antelope and plains game, to mention merely a few.

Top 6 Reasons to visit Sabi Sand Game Reserve

In addition, several endangered species have slowly been reintroduced into the area over the last few decades, one of the most notable being the beloved African wild dog. The MalaMala, a game reserve located within the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, is especially renowned and celebrated for its remarkable African wild dog population. It is also known for its various remarkable conservation efforts and initiatives primarily geared towards keeping these extraordinary endangered species from going extinct.

The vast, varied, and vibrant vegetation of the Sabi Sands Reserve truly provides a pristine wilderness haven for an abundance of magnificent wildlife species – big and small – especially white rhino, reedbuck, cheetah, eland, sable antelope, nyala, and hyena.

#5 Exceptional Birdlife

Top 6 Reasons to visit Sabi Sand Game Reserve

Calling all head-over-heels bird lovers – this one is for you! The Sabi Sand Game Reserve is one of the most highly sought-after birding destination for passionate bird watchers from around the world.

Boasting over 300 bird species, this premium birding hotspot is home to several curiously named species, some of which include the widow finch, buntings, cisticolas, mannikins, wydahs, and eremomelas.

Other notable bird species avid birders should look out for when visiting the Sabi Sands include the Red-billed oxpecker, the Comb duck, and the purple heron. In addition, The Southern Ground Hornbill Project has also been doing some very successful conservation work here.

#6 Sabi Sand Game Reserve is one of the top year-round African safari getaway destinations for travellers from all walks of life

One of the great things about the iconic Sabi Sand Game Reserve is the fact that it is regarded as one of the top year-round wildlife and safari destinations in Africa.

What’s more, together with the highest leopard concentration in South Africa, Sabi Sand’s Big 5 territory boasts many award-winning luxury lodges, resorts, and camps – catering to all kinds of travellers. Whether you’re travelling solo, with your partner or a bunch of your nature and wildlife loving friends and family, or even as loved-up honeymooners (Africa is regarded as one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world after all), the incredible Sabi Sands Game Reserve has something for absolutely everyone to enjoy – making for a truly unbelievable and unforgettable African safari getaway.

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