Tips for planning your African safari

Tips For Planning Your African Safari

Regarded as one of the top safari locations in the world, an African safari ticks all the right boxes if you’re looking to venture off the beaten track, explore the great outdoors, witness magnificent wildlife in their natural habitat and experience the many thrills that only safari life can deliver.

With so much to offer, how do you plan your dream safari trip to Africa?

Here are four great tips for planning your African safari that will help you optimize your travel experience for a bucket-list African safari holiday you won’t forget.

#1 Where to go

Tips for planning your African Safari


Africa is a massive continent with several pristine safari locations. From the 54 countries that make up Africa, 9 are renowned for their world-class safari and wildlife destinations. These countries include South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, and Rwanda. Depending on the type of safari you’re looking to experience, each country varies greatly by region, season (including seasonal highlights), wildlife and safari experiences. Here are some tips to keep in mind when deciding where to go on your safari trip.

#Have a goal

A great tip is to have a specific goal for your safari trip to Africa. Have you always dreamt of seeing the Great Wildebeest Migration in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park and Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve or witness the renowned Big 5 in their natural habitat while exploring the Kruger National Park? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to go Gorilla trekking in the forests of Rwanda and Uganda? Or go on the ultimate safari adventure in the evergreen jewel of the Okavango Delta? Each African country offers safari-goers an exciting and vastly different safari and wildlife experience.

#Number of parks & lodges you want to visit

Some countries are home to multiple national parks, nature reserves, conservation areas and game lodges, whereas other countries are single-activity destinations with only a few parks and reserves. The number of national parks and game reserves you’re looking to explore on your safari trip will have an impact on the country/safari destination that is best suited to you.

#Duration of your trip

If you are planning a short safari getaway, we suggest you rule out Africa’s more remote destinations. These destinations not only demand additional travel time but are generally much larger and require several days to explore. Choosing a smaller park like the Nakuru National park in Kenya versus larger parks like the Serengeti in Tanzania (where you could easily spend a full week or more) is recommended for shorter safari trips.

To ensure you choose the perfect safari destination for you, it is vital to do thorough research beforehand.

#2 When to go to Africa

#3 Know your budget

Tips for planning your African Safari -Sable Alley

Sable Alley

Another top tip for planning your safari trip to Africa is to know your budget limits. Africa is home to a vast selection of safari destinations, game lodges, national parks and nature reserves, each catering to different budgets and travel requirements. By setting your budget limits you will be able to optimize your travel experience for a bucket-list safari holiday.

The following factors will have an impact on your budget:

  • The country and/or countries you are visiting on your safari trip.
  • The type of accommodation you choose to stay in: From exclusive villas, boutique hotels, ultra-luxurious safari lodges and 5-star resorts to one-of-a-kind treehouse escapes, eco-friendly tented suites, rondavels and wilderness camp sites, Africa boasts a wide variety of accommodation options to choose from – Catering to every budget and desired safari experience.
  • The number of parks, game reserves, lodges, or conservations areas you will be visiting.
  • Your mode of transport: Will you have exclusive transport or be sharing with other travelers?
  • The total duration of your safari trip to Africa as well as how many days you choose to spend in each national park, reserve, or game lodge.

#4 Know your travel style

Tips for planning your African Safari

Knowing your travel style and the type of safari you’re looking to experience is key to planning your safari trip to Africa. The fact that Africa is home to such a remarkable diversity of safari destinations, as well as an endless variety of safari experiences and adventures, means there is something to suite every travel style.

Tips for planning your African Safari

Whether you’re looking to go on the ultimate luxury safari getaway, a private and personally tailored safari experience, a romantic African safari for two, a fun-filled safari holiday with the whole family, or an unforgettable off-the-beaten-path thrill-seeking safari adventure of a lifetime – Africa has it all!

As different African countries cater to different travel styles, it’s important to do your research and choose the country that best suits your travel needs.