Discover Africa’s Wild Spaces

Have you always dreamed of visiting Africa, or are you missing that unique feeling of being close to her natural beauty, wild animals and beautiful friendly people?

Africa is waiting to welcome you and show you her magnificent sights and sounds. We have some amazing itineraries for international travellers coming to visit her shores. Talk to one of our travel experts to start planning.

Africa’s Amazing Safari Destinations

Africa is teaming with wildlife and incredible destinations to explore. Spoil yourself with a once in a lifetime luxury holiday experience to some of our favourite African Safari locations.

African Safari Specials Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa

African Safari Specials Kruger National Park

Kruger Park, South Africa

African Safari Specials Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, South Africa

African Safari Tours

We customise all of our client’s trips to make sure they experience the ultimate African Safari holiday. To get you started and to give you an idea of costs, length of stay and what you could experience we have curated a few example tours below.

Secret Africa Tours Cape Town To Kruger
Secret Africa Tours Tanzania Lxuruy Safari
Secret Africa Tours Incredible Botswana

*Discounts and savings depend on the time of year you are traveling, what year you are traveling in and which game lodges and countries you visit. Please speak to your travel expert to learn more and get the best safari experience.