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How do the Samburu say Hello?

So, you’re planning a trip to Africa, how do you connect with the country that you are going to visit? Easy, you learn the language! Samburu is a Maa language dialect that is spoken by the Samburu tribe in northern Kenya.  Tanzania is home to about 130 different tribes and each of these tribes speak […]

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12 Edible Indigenous South African Plants

South Africa is home to a wide variety of edible indigenous plants. The Botanical Society of South Africa is responsible for encouraging indigenous gardening, conservation awareness, and the proper use of indigenous plants in Southern Africa. Planting some of these edible delights in your garden will give you easy access to fresh ingredients. If you […]

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Fun Facts about the Baobab Tree

Africa is home to many beautiful wild animals, stunning scenery, and all kinds of interesting things. The Baobab is the real representation of life in the African plains. This giant, strange looking tree grows in low-lying areas all over Africa, Madagascar, and Australia. The Baobab has nine different species. It belongs to the genus Adansonia […]

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Interesting Facts About Leopards

The Panthera Pardus, better known as the African leopard, is one of the most sophisticated and powerfully built hunters of the African jungle. Among all the other wild big cats, the leopard is arguably one of the most gorgeous because of their unique print. Compared to the tiger, lion, jaguar, and cheetah the leopard is […]