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What To Pack When Going On Safari

Packing for an African safari is vastly different than packing for just about any other trip, and it’s often a challenge for first time safari goers. Not only do most safari goers have weight restrictions on bush flights (a typical weight restriction is 15 kilograms or 33 pounds total per person, including camera equipment and carry-ons), but you also have the challenge of knowing which types of clothes to wear on safari.

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Botswana: 5 must-explore national parks and game reserves

Botswana is not only regarded as one of the most exclusive safari destinations in Africa, but one of the most remarkable wilderness areas on earth. Boasting vast areas of protected wilderness, pristine landscapes, and a rich diversity of wildlife, as a safari destination, Botswana is hard to top. The south and east of Botswana consist […]


Mount Kilimanjaro

Located in the East African country of Tanzania, inside of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, just south of the Kenyan border, the famed and wildly acclaimed Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain, standing tall at a staggering +/- 5,895 meters / 19,341 feet above sea level. Mount Kilimanjaro is also the largest free-standing mountain rise in the world. This means that Kilimanjaro does not form part of a mountain range, but instead, stands entirely alone – Tall, grounded, strong, independent, fierce, free, captivating, with a commanding, yet elusive, intriguing, and all-consuming (in the best possible way) presence.

It’s safe to say that the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro is a true natural wonder and Mother Nature masterpiece in every sense of the word.

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Is Kenya a good honeymoon destination?

Newlyweds looking to combine adventure, romance, luxury, and exclusivity with phenomenal game viewing, vast unspoiled landscapes, the magic of the African bushveld, beautiful beaches, bucket-list worthy experiences and so much more, the magnificent East African country of Kenya is a one-of-a-kind honeymoon destination which will undoubtedly exceed all your expectations.

Kenya is one of the world’s most pristine and highly sought-after African safari honeymoon destinations. Home to some of the best – if not the best – national parks, conservancies, and wildlife reserves in Africa, people travel from all around the world to experience all of Kenya’s wilderness wonders, safari adventures, unparalleled wildlife viewing, and wild unapologetic natural beauty first-hand.

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Is Botswana a good honeymoon destination?

If you’ve been dreaming of a safari honeymoon in Africa, chances are Botswana has made its way onto your ultimate honeymoon destination bucket-list – and we couldn’t be more excited for you. Beyond being one of Africa’s premier wildlife destinations, Botswana offers newlyweds the very best combination of romance, adventure, luxury, and exclusivity, paired with phenomenal game viewing, vast unspoiled landscapes, expansive lush green surroundings, wide-open plains domed by starlit skies and teeming with wildlife, sunsets that will leave you swooning, an endless array of exceptional destinations and attractions to discover and explore, and several unforgettable experiences and adventures you won’t find anywhere else than right here in the glorious African safari destination that is Botswana. And let’s not forget the sheer unapologetic beauty of the African bushveld.

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African Safari Honeymoon

Newlyweds looking to combine adventure, romance, luxury, and exclusivity, not to mention phenomenal game viewing, vast unspoiled landscapes, one-of-a-kind experiences and so much more, an African safari honeymoon will undoubtedly exceed all your expectations.

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How is Mauritius for honeymoon?

If your honeymoon dream revolves around palm-fringed beaches, lazy sunshine-filled days and warm, starry evenings, Mauritius, a magnificent island located just off the coast of Madagascar, is the perfect honeymoon destination for you and your new husband or wife.

Here are some of the top reasons why Mauritius is a great honeymoon destination, and why it should be at the very top of every soon-to-be-married couple and newlywed couple’s honeymoon destination bucket list.

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Best Private Game Reserves in South Africa

While South Africa has no shortage of beautiful destinations to explore, going on an authentic safari in the unspoiled African bushveld should undoubtedly be at the top of every traveler’s bucket-list. From the unapologetic natural beauty of the African wilderness, diverse landscapes, nature reserves, National Parks, and protected ecosystems, to thrilling wildlife encounters and spectacular birdlife sightings, South Africa offers an unparalleled African safari and wildlife experience.

Here are the top 10 best private game reserves in South Africa to add to your African safari bucket-list.

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Best Time To Go To Rwanda

The African continent is renowned for its once-in-a-lifetime wildlife sightings and encounters. However, few are as highly sought-after as Rwanda where avid wildlife enthusiasts from across the world have the opportunity of witnessing Mountain Gorillas in their natural habitat. In fact, Rwanda is deemed the best place in Africa to engage in what is arguably the world’s single most powerful wildlife experience and thrilling wildlife encounter – tracking mountain gorillas through the steep bamboo and forest-swathed slopes of the Virunga Mountains.

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How To Go Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda

This Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Guide Includes: What is Gorilla Trekking? Best Time of the Year for Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda What Is The Trek Like In Rwanda? How Difficult is Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda? How to Book Gorilla Trekking Permits in Rwanda Rwanda is Best for Traveler Types Who… Best Places To See Gorillas In […]