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Top 10 Africa Wildlife Spectacles & Experiences

Have you ever dreamt of experiencing one, or ALL (because why just limit yourself to one anyway), of Africa’s wildlife spectacles, wilderness phenomena, or extraordinary safari experiences first-hand? Well, there is NO time like the present!

With Africa boasting such a vast, diverse, and down-right magnificent array of once-in-a-lifetime, not-to-be-missed, leave-you-utterly-speechless, sweep-you-right-off-your-feet, jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, and beyond spectacular wildlife spectacles, phenomena, and great migrations, the only problem you’ll have is deciding which one to tick off your bucket-list first! Here are our top 10 Africa Wildlife Spectacles & Experiences you absolutely should experience on your trip to Africa.

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Why Winter in Africa is the best Time to Go on Safari

Are you practically jumping at the bid to plan your ultimate bucket-list worthy safari trip to Africa, but you have absolutely no idea when the best time is to go to? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

While everyone has their own memories of Africa they take away with them, the wildlife makes for some of the most magical to remember. Lucky for you, the vast continent of Africa boasts the widest diversity of wildlife in the world and is home to the most extraordinary wildlife sightings, spectacles, and gatherings than anywhere on the planet. As most people travel to Africa to witness its glorious diversity of wildlife up-close and first-hand, winter in Africa, between the months of June and October, is undoubtedly the best time to go on the ultimate wildlife safari in Africa and here are just some of the reasons why.

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Top 5 Chobe National Park Safari Experiences

Diverse and dramatic, Botswana’s Chobe National Park is a force to be reckoned with. Here are the top 10 safari experiences at Chobe National Park as well as the best and most exciting things to do, see, and experience when visiting one of Botswana’s most iconic wildlife and safari destinations.

Whether you’re a safari newbie or a seasoned explorer, you definitely don’t want to miss out on any of Chobe National Park’s incredible and thrilling range of wildlife and safari activities, adventures, and bucket-list worthy experiences on offer. While the classic game drive will forever hold its allure, we encourage you to embrace the myriad of experiences that will not only provide a dazzling display of alternative perspectives but promises to be nothing short of unforgettable.

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When and Where to see the Big 5 in Africa

The Big 5 are Africa’s undisputed super stars, its X-FACTOR, the reason why people come back time and time again – they just can’t get enough – and who are we to blame them? The mere possibility or slight opportunity of getting to witness these majestic animals in action, even for a brief moment, is one of the top reasons people travel to Africa and why avid wildlife enthusiasts and tourists set out so eagerly on dawn and dusk game-viewing excursions, safari drives, and wildlife expeditions – ITS ALL ABOUT AFRICA’S BIG 5!
While some may argue that giraffes and zebras are far prettier creatures than the mighty and rugged buffalo, or that cheetahs can be much easier to spot and find than the wildly elusive leopard, it simply doesn’t matter, because getting to see any of Africa’s Big 5 living wild and free in their natural habitats is, and FOREVER will be, one of the most unforgettable thrills at the top of every travellers’ safari tick list.

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Chobe National Park: Botswana’s Elephant Paradise

Are you eager to experience an authentic African safari adventure that will quite literally stampede its way into your heart and leave echoes of trumpeting giants lingering in your wildlife-loving soul? Then look no further than Botswana’s breathtaking Chobe National Park, where elephants reign supreme, and the powerful pulse of the great Chobe River breathes life into the endless stretch of unspoiled wilderness that makes up one of Botswana’s most glorious wildlife and safari gems.

Nicknamed ‘The Land of the Gentle Giants’, Chobe National Park’s elephants truly are celebrities in their own right with avid travellers, wildlife enthusiasts, and tourists flocking from all across the globe for the opportunity to see these mighty and magnificent mammals and largest member of the African Big 5 in action and to experience breathless face-to-face encounters with these never-ending herds of the largest living land animal on earth.

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Top 5 Reasons to Travel to Zimbabwe

Are you ready for the ultimate African safari adventure? There is no better place than Zimbabwe to tick some incredible and exciting safari experiences and adventures off your African travel bucket-list. Zimbabwe is one of Southern Africa’s most rewarding big game safari destinations. Authentic, untamed, and rugged, it offers visitors, avid adventurers, and eager nature and wildlife enthusiasts an off-the-beaten-track African safari experience unlike any other. Boasting incredible national parks and reserves, vast and vibrant landscapes, and an abundant diversity of wildlife, including the renowned Big5, a trip to Zimbabwe should be on everyone’s African travel bucket list.

With so much to explore, discover, and experience, the reasons to travel to Zimbabwe are truly endless. Here are the top 5 reasons to travel to Zimbabwe as well as a few important tidbits to keep in mind before you venture into the wild heart of Africa.

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When to go to Africa

Are you looking to plan the ultimate safari trip to Africa, but you’re not sure when the best time is to go? When planning your trip, it is vital to do the necessary research on the best time to go to Africa for the experience you desire.

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Family Safaris in Africa

Are you thinking of going on an African safari holiday with your kids, but you’re not sure what to expect? While a safari trip to Africa might not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning a family getaway, we’re here to tell you that not only will it be a trip of a lifetime but leave your kids with memories and experiences that they’ll absolutely NEVER forget! Plus, you’ll have the added bonus of seeing your little one’s eyes light up when they see the cast of The Lion King in real life. That alone is reason enough to pack your bags and book your unforgettable family safari holiday to Africa right away!

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Why Travel to Botswana

Botswana is not only regarded as one of the most exclusive and widely acclaimed safari destinations in Africa, but one of the most remarkable wilderness areas on earth. Beyond being one of Africa’s most premier and highly sought-after African safari destinations, Botswana offers travellers, tourists, and avid nature and wildlife enthusiasts the very best combination of unapologetic natural beauty, adventure, and exclusivity, paired with phenomenal game viewing, vast unspoiled landscapes, expansive lush green surroundings, wide-open plains domed by starlit skies and teeming with wildlife, sunsets that will leave you swooning, an endless array of exceptional destinations, attractions, game reserves, conservancies, and National Parks to discover and explore, as well as several unforgettable safari experiences and adventures you won’t find anywhere else than right here in the glorious African safari destination that is Botswana. There is absolutely no denying that Botswana is hard to top and should undoubtedly be at the top of everyone’s African safari travel bucket-lists.

Here are 5 reason to travel to Botswana as well as a few important tidbits to keep in mind before you venture into the wild heart of Africa.

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5 Reasons to Visit the Okavango Delta

Located in Botswana the Okavango Delta is not only one of Africa’s most fascinating and captivating regions to discover, it is also one of the most unique ecosystems, as well as one of the world’s premier wilderness areas and largest inland deltas in the world. It is a vast and virtually untouched freshwater wetland area fed by the Okavango River. The delta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa. There is no denying that the glorious Okavango Delta is an oasis that offers travellers, wildlife and nature enthusiasts, globe trotters, and absolutely everyone in between a true immersion into a world of wetland island and waterways, teeming with wildlife, birdlife, luscious vegetation, magnificent landscapes and so much more – you simply have to see it to believe it.
Here are 10 reasons to visit the Okavango Delta and why you shouldn’t waste another moment to experience, explore, and discover everything it has to offer. The Delta is a true natural wonder and extraordinary safari destination that should undoubtedly be at the top of your African safari travel bucket list!